Digital Agency, Centerline Digital looked to make a splash this year at the Content Marketing Institute awards. This Reel was put together using the help of marketing guru John Lane, badass Erin Grohs, as well as the amazing talents of Mikey Zoppo. Together we each helped craft the script and select the right combination of visuals to hit the mark with our audience. This video was an essential part of Centerline Digital being named finalist for Content Marketing Agency of the Year. Not only does this video beautifully display the work centerline does, but it does so with a message that rings true to the type of creatives and thinkers we are. Extra special thanks to all the creatives that put long hours in to create the stunning visuals displayed in this reel.

Writing - John Lane, Zan Gantt
Voiceover - Mikey Zoppo
Animation - Mikey Zoppo
Editing - Zan Gantt
Composition - Brandon Chapman
Special Thanks - TMT & Erin Grohs