IBM's Spectrum Protect campaign encouraged its audiences to think outside of the norms when it comes to storage and security. This piece takes the viewer on a journey and remembering what it was like to take something simple, and turn it into something fantastic. This project uses stop motion animation and a ton of set building to bring this to life. We also filmed a very young and very talented actor to play the part of the imaginative child. All of this created a very fun and whimsical background for our composer Brandon Chapman to write a thoughtful and inspiring track. It all came together in this one enjoyable minute.
Agency - Centerline Digital
Creative Director - Hannah Hamza
Associate Creative Director - Zan Gantt
Art Director - Zan Gantt
Designer - Mandi Gieselman
Set Design - Mandi Gieselman, Paula Juri, Zan Gantt
Editing - Paula Juri, Zan Gantt
Animation - Paula Juri, Zan Gantt
Composition - Brandon Chapman